The Bunian Conspiracy : Killing Dreams

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Originally inspired by the mysterious events in the jungles of Borneo island, Killing Dreams, a supernatural fantasy thriller uncovers the events in the aftermath of the horrific 3rd December Ingei jungle ‘incident’.

Captain Sarin and his elite recon unit, the Prowling Tigers, are deep in Borneo’s Ingei jungle tasked to investigate the gruesome massacre of the expedition team and more importantly, to find the unaccounted.

Racing against them, The Lima, guardians of Bumi, and their spirit guide are on their own secret mission to rescue the missing expedition team members.

Meanwhile in the Bunian spiritual realm, Adib and his surviving team find themselves trapped. They must survive the perils of this dangerous world, whilst they find a way back to their own.

Can they survive and find a way back or will the men in uniform save the day?

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