Payment Methods

1. Bank Deposit

If you selected this option, once you’ve obtained an order number, please send us confirmation of payment to +673 8995111 either via text message, Whatsapp or Telegram so we can send out your order as soon as possible.

Please bank in the correct amount. Any change owed to the customer will be returned.

To ease payment verification, kindly put your order number for “Recipient Reference.”

2. Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery is a type of transaction in which the recipient makes cash payment for a good at the time of delivery.

If the purchaser does not make payment when the good is delivered, then the good is returned to the seller.

3. Merchant Suite Payment Gateway

MerchantSuite provides the user to accept card payments for online payment using global credit cards & debit cards on a website.

Merchant Suite have been available to businesses around the world under the various brands of our white label partners, and used by over 20,000 businesses of all sizes. They have won many innovation awards in Australia and internationally.