“That Girl is a Real Crowd Pleaser….”

The mannequin challenge is a viral video trend where people pose as mannequins while a camera films around in a single shot. BRUVERA has also taken up this challenge last year as an approach to introduce the Bruneian brands and products that will be involved on this site prior to its launching. As the challenge was currently trending at the time, it was an easy way to appeal to the viewers and the people who would be interested to watch the videos.



Through the making of this project, an opportunity was created in bringing together the local brands and bloggers to help them create their brand awareness and to promote their products. In addition, it also gives the owners a chance to meet with other names that are involved for future collaboration and expand their networking opportunity.

The BRUVERA mannequins challenge features multiple brands as listed below:

  • Azzahra Hijab
  • Al-Raed
  • TheaSeera
  • Komical
  • Khalifahood
  • Elan Vital
  • Najaah Thara
  • Lady D
  • Khai Nur Kraf
  • DamaleeSignatures
  • United Measures
  • Rinawina
  • Bloom Materials
  • L’Orient
  • Mahkota Crystal
  • Repathlete
  • Grande Et Belle
  • Lagenda Clothing
  • Shineblingz

The filming took place at the Skatepark Stadium on 4th December 2016.

We would like to thank all the parties that was involved in the making of this project, including the influencers that were featured in the video; Siddiqah Rosli (@siddiqahrosli), Amal Daud (@malsdaud), Amal Kasmirhan (@cupofnamaste), Dewi Jumat (@dewijumat), Zahraa Zamari (@therosiegrammar) and Arif Zainuddin (@bunnyboo83).

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